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New Year healing retreat

Marathon "Nature healing with estestvom"

Date: August 1 - 24 | 2021
Time: Online
New Year healing retreat

Shamanic healing retreat to Ecuador

Date: October 1 - 21 | 2021
Location: Ecuador
Time: from 12:00
New Year healing retreat

Shamanic Healing Retreat in Ecuador

Date: 1 - 21 September | 2021
Location: Ecuado
Price: 3000 $
• Ceremonies with Amazonian power plants
• Climbing the Cotopaxi and Tungurahua mountains
on Pranic days and eating healthy
• Active recreation and surfing on the Pacific coast
• Lectures, satsangs, breathing and body practice
New Year healing retreat

Retreat in Portugal. Learning your Soul. Healing.

Period: June 28 – July 4
Location: Portugal
Price: EUR 1500
  • Ceremonies with Suth African Herbs boosting Strength
  • Discourses, Satsanga, breathing and somatic techniques
  • Days of purification, individual autonomy, living food diet
New Year healing retreat

Retreat “Amazonian tea-drinking”

Dates: July 3 – July 12, 2021
Venue: Portugal, Cascais city
Mentor: Ilya Satjay

Traditional “Amazonian tea-drinking” in Portugal with the leading Master, Ilya Satjay.
7-8 nights / 3 - 6 ceremonies.
We take personal charge of your trip arrangement on turnkey basis.
This is a truly unique opportunity to immerse yourselves in the Amazonian world either for beginners and experienced ones.

Who I am? Where am I going and am I going anywhere at all? What is love? Does God exist? Many of us ask similar questions, look for information in various sources, and roam the world in search for the Guru. In fact, all the answers are within us. And talking with your soul is the simplest, and at the same time, the most difficult way of finding the answers.

We regularly conduct healing circles and meditations at our center in Portugal. Our guides were initiated by the best masters in India, Peru and Gabon. What we organize is really unique: you can choose to do cleansing practices with South American plants, or an African ceremony in Bwiti tradition, or even combine everything in one retreat.

We work with several types of South American plants: a purification dieta (prescribed only after face-to-face meeting, lasts up to 3 weeks), morning purification ceremony, night healing meditations.

African plants of power provide an opportunity to meet your Soul. It is an initiation, connection with your center. During the ceremony, the consciousness and subconscious are cleared of memories of the past, and the long-awaited meeting with oneself happens.

How South American medicine plans can help:

 - issues that go beyond the world of money. Helps to open eyes to reality, corrects meanings and concepts

- problems with physical and mental health (depressions) in which the medicine cant help, or the patient does not accept the solutions offered by doctors

- dissappointment in personal life, family relationships

- problems in social life, when for some reason everything seems wrong, but there is no answer why

- personal growth, activation of creativity, insights and revelations

- walking the path of spiritual development, and self-knowledge

How African healing plants can help:
- fears and insecurity

- loss of inner confidence and meaning

- traumatic past experiences

- drug, alcohol and drug addiction

- anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia

If you want to join a retreat, send your request and we will inform you about the upcoming dates.

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