— Retreat in Portugal Learning your Soul. Healing.

Retreat schedule

June 28 – July 4 

June 28 – arrival at Lisbon  
28 – rest and preparation to the ceremony

29 – the 1st evening ceremony (the 1st phase)
30 – the silence day, self-analysis (the 2nd phase)

30 – rest, meditation, satsanga, yoga, surfing, interaction, trips to the country places

July 1 (18.00) – the 2nd evening ceremony

July 2 – the silence day, self-analysis

July 3 – rest, satsanga, yoga, surfing, interaction/ trips to the country places ✈️ is possible

July 4 – departure ✈️


Body purification and preparation in the beginning of the dealing with the South African Herb, - morning ceremonies with pure Amazonian tea-drinking.
1 or 2 ceremonies*, presuming the arrival 2-3 days in advance


Ceremonies flow process

The ceremonies consist of two phases. The first phase takes about 12 hours and the second one – till 4 hours more. 4 or 5 ceremonies are caried out within 10 days.
On the ceremony day the guests spare time focusing on their intensions with the aid of healing practises and write down any questions they have, for instance, the questions regarding the spheres which require clarification and healing. Each guest has a great opportunity to spend traditional tet-a-tet bwiti counsel with his/her healer before the ceremony starts.  

The ceremonies are carried out in a traditional way of Missoko Bwiti adjusted according to the specific features of people from the Westward by guidance of Ilya Satjay.  

Firstly, the Herb will bring you through psycho-detoxication journey where you will get rid of all your stresses and false beliefs which may prevent you from seeing what is the truth by your experience.

After psycho-detoxication is finished you will experience the spiritual trip and face with your soul to talk to it coming back to the very first day or to the matter of traumatic background and seeing the truth.

You will come back home feeling a strong desire to begin the world, to develop sane relationships and to follow the light of the truth to obtain happiness.

About your mentor

Ilya Satjay, is a healing alchemistry and autonomy expert, a yogi, a mentor of Amazonian and African techniques dealing with people. He is an apprentice of Mugenda shaman Missoko Bwiti in the 10th generation.

«At the age of 30, I went to a shaman retreat in Peru for the first time in my life and passed through the healing diets techniques with the Herb boosting strength and other Amazonian gifts. In the years since I passed and studied the techniques of African masters of shamanism and Strength Herbs, the techniques of some Indian gurus and Slavic techniques, including “pravilo”. The nature forces helped me heal many diseases, change my lifestyle and thinking.


During the retreat in Portugal we will apply somatic techniques, breathing techniques, practical knowledge of the living food alchemistry, preparatory diets, and practices of various traditions directed to Energy. "

Why Portugal?

We have chosen Portugal because of its particular freedom mood, virgin spellbinding scenery, crystal-clear ocean. Delicious food and welcoming locals. Portugal is the part of Europe, but this is the very part without offishness and superfluous regulations.

This is the very reason of inviting you to the ceremony in Portugal to the Lisbon coast of Sintra city.

Retreat will take place in the country house on the coast of the ocean.

The ceremonies combined with other activities and experiences caused by visiting new places. You will be able to visit the major attractions of the city: the Quinta de Regaleira Masonic Palace, Montserrat Palace, Pena Castle etc.


About the Herb

South African Herb is a perennial shrub growing in the equatorial Central Western Africa. Its root bark has been used as a natural botanical over the course of thousands and thousands of years by the native peoples of the region. It is used in a variety of ceremonial contexts such as initiations, spiritual healing, physical healing, and to help those who suffer from emotional disorders and mental disarrangements.

It possesses the capacity to perform neurochemical re-start. You have an opportunity to give up any of your addictions including both social and psychological addictions (e.g. co-dependent relationships, addiction to different stuff, food addictions).

It possesses sufficient wisdom and presents that life is abundant, and life is beautiful when we get rid of old stereotypes and begin treating life with all respect and love. It facilitates to be one with your soul and put us in the purest state.  

People who passed through this technique with this Herb state that now their past life seems incomplete as if something very vital had been missed.

Participation conditions:

Period: June 28 – July 4
Format: 7 days (6 nights) – 2 ceremonies.

Participation cost: EUR 1500.
(without airfare)


The cost includes:

✔ transfer from the Lisbon airport – to the venue. After the retreat is finished transfer to the airport.
✔ Accommodation including Herbs diet nutrition
✔ 2 ceremonies with Herbs
✔ Sightseeing tours to the city, surfing, techniques and other activities

Participance requires a deposit amounted to EUR 500 to ensure booking.

Early arrival EUR 40 per day and morning ceremonies with pure "Amazonian tea-drinking" EUR 250 shall be paid separately.

The number of participants is 10 persons sharp.
We ensure solid comfort and route, assistance, and anything you require to immerse yourselves in your internal processes and journey. 


It is not a touristic format. It is hard work. A quantum jump in self-cognition.

To join the retreat, ask questions via cell phone/whatsapp/telegram 
+7 (913)-473-22-94 Elizaveta (
+7 (985)-148-149-4 Aleksandr (

We guarantee a personal approach to each practitioner.

Retreat Learning your Soul. Healing. 7 days. Portugal.
 Period: June 28 – July 4  
Your mentor is Ilya Satjay