Shamanic Healing Retreat in Ecuado

Dear friends!

We invite you to the May retreat in Ecuador.
Expert-Insight journey for 21 days!

A retreat combined with self-contained clean days, healthy green meals to choose from, and different body experiences.

We provide complete comfort and itinerary, support, and everything you need to immerse yourself in your inner processes and journey.

This is a unique opportunity to solve your questions and find answers.
This retreat will divide your life into "before" and "after".

Place: Ecuado

Date: 1 -24 May

Air travel: 1530 $.

Price: $3000


Travel program

- Ceremonies with Amazonian power plants in the Sheripuno tribe with the shaman Petronio and Theo.

- Climb the ancient Cotopaxi volcano (5897m) and the active Tungurahua volcano (5023m) with local guides and guides.

- Thermal springs, boat trips to the Monkey Island, bike rides, a trip to the Humandi Cave and to the Ceiba tree.

- We finish our "transformational intensive retreat" with an active rest and surfing by the ocean with an instructor!

- Body practical experiences, satsangs, accompaniment and training from the guide Ilya Satjay. This is only a small part of what will be on the journey.



1. Quito
2. Tena
3. Banos
4. Latacunga
5. Riobamba
6. Guayaquil
7. Montagnita
8. Guayaquil

Day 1

Arrival in Quito!

Our journey will begin in the wonderful city of Quito. It is the highest located mountain capital (2800 m).
Acclimatization starts right here!
We get to the hotel on our own (by taxi $5). Check-in and meet at the hotel near the airport.
Accommodate in an apartment for two with breakfast included.

Day 2

First Night Ceremony!

Breakfast at the hotel. We take fruits with us and drive into the Jungle.
Transfer to the Comunidad Sheripuno by minibus to the Missuaji R. Napo Nature Reserve.
The road will take 5-6 hours along the serpentine. There may be landslides on this route and we may be a little late. But we are not in a hurry and the road is extremely beautiful!
Check-in in comunidad, get acquainted with the tribe and the shaman.
Rest and enjoy the first night Ceremony!

Day 3

Second ceremony

Breakfast In The morning. Discussion of the ceremony. Morning practices from Ilya Satjay. After that we go to the collection of the medicine, then experience the cooking process.
Lunch. Preparation for the ceremony.
In the evening the 2nd ceremony.

Day 4

Monkey island

Breakfast. Scenic boat trip across the lagoon to Monkey Island.
The road is a 3-4 hours round trip. We just want to say that it is better not to joke with the monkeys, they can hurt you!
In the afternoon we will have a little lunch, rest and in the evening enjoy the 3rd ceremony.

Day 5-6

Walking and swimming on the beach

Breakfast. Morning practices. Excursion to the Humandi cave on kamionet (drive about an hour in one direction). In the afternoon of the 6th day we go to the giant Ceiba, which is 400 years old.
In the evening, a chocolate ceremony from the locals followed by a lunch in communidad.
In the evenings, the 4th and 5th ceremony.

Day 7 - 8


Breakfast. Discussion of the ceremony and farewell to the tribe. Transfer from Sheripuno to Banos. Check-in at the hotel. Accommodation in a doubleroom (breakfast included).
Active rest and preparation before climbing. If wish you can (rafting on a mountain river) go rafting or ride bicycles through the valley of waterfalls.

Day 9 - 10

The first ascent of Tungurahua (5023 m)

Early in the morning, we are taken from the hotel to the active volcano Tungurahua (Tungurahua), 5023 m. The ascent will take 2 days with an overnight stay. In the morning, we go up to 2600 km on the transfer.
From there, with a guide, food and equipment, go up on foot. We reach the shelter (Refúgio).
Fitting of ammunition, instruction and overnight accommodation. At night, the ascent begins; 6-8 hours of ascent to start the descent in the morning at 10.00, before the sun begins to melt the glaciers.
On the evening of the 2nd day, we are taken back to our hotel in Banos.

Day 10 - 12

Rest and relaxation

Two days and two nights of rest in the hotel of Banos. Rest in the thermal springs.
If desired, massage and SPA, bike rides to the waterfalls. Active practices are gaining strength before climbing the Cotopaxi.

Day 13 - 14

Climbing Mount Cotopaxi

In the morning, we are also taken from the hotel to the Cotopaxi volcano. We drive 3 hours to the Cotopaxi Park + 1 hour along the serpentine, at an altitude of 4500 km. Then 1 hour walk to the shelter (Refúgio).

Two-day ascent with guides and a guide to the national park. Ascent, overnight stay at altitude and descent. The ascent of the volcano begins at night, takes about 6-8 hours.

Ascent on foot and on the glacier on cats. At the top of 5897 m is a stunning view of the surrounding area and the crater. On the evening of the 2nd day, we are taken back to the hotel in Banos.

Day 15 - 20

A week by the ocean. Surfing

In the morning, breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the coastal town of Montañita.
It takes about 9-11 hours to drive, depending on the weather. Montañita is a resort beach in Ecuador, with the highest waves. 6 days of long-awaited vacation by the ocean and surfing every day.

Surfing with an instructor + board included!
Hotel accommodation in a double room with breakfast on the ocean.

During the week, you can see rare endemic animals near the ocean – giant turtles, sea iguanas and seals, pelicans and charming blue-footed boobies.

The surfing season in Ecuador lasts all year round. Waves on the coast of Ecuador are among the most stable during the "winter" in the southern hemisphere. In addition, there is almost always the same wind: the trade winds blow from the south all year round. The water in the ocean is warm all year round, and you can ride in shorts and lycra.

Day 21

Completion of the retreat. Way home.

End of the retreat. Take our flight home.
Transfer from the hotel in Montañita to the airport "Jose Joaquin de Olmedo" (Guayaquil).
It takes about 3 hours to drive. The city of Guayaquil is the final point of our route.

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Dates: April 24 - May 15
Cost: 3000 $ (all inclusive, without airplane tickets)
Airfare Russia-Quito-Russia: 110.000 rubles
A deposit is required to participate: 1000 $
The number of participants in the tour is 8 people!
Are you ready for a total trasnformation?

Get your presentation right now

Included in the price:

- Transfer along the entire route
- Five Ceremonies with the Amazon Plant, with food and accommodation
- Accommodation in hotels with breakfast
- Excursions in the Amazon: boat trips, chocolate ceremony, Humandi Cave, trip to Monkey Island, etc.
- Volcano climbing, guides and guides, accommodation and meals in refugio.
- Equipment in the mountains
- Surf instructor, 20 hours
- Rental of bicycles, services of thermal springs.

The price does not include:

- Airplane tickets
- Transfer of the 1st day from the airport to the hotel ($5)
- Other entertainment and excursions to choose from
- Meals, except for breakfast in hotels.
- Rafting, three hours
- Tarabits
- Canopy (zip line)
- Jumping from the bridge
- Equator Museum
- Zoologiko
- Rent a horse uphill
- Coffee 450 gr

A list of must-have items For the mountain and Amazonian part of Ecuador:

For mountains:

- Sunglasses
- Natural sunscreen with a good protection factor
- Windbreaker jacket (preferably with a hood)
- Gloves, knitted hat (you can also buy in Quito with Indian patterns)
- Trekking shoes are closed (preferably, but you can just take another pair of sneakers to change)
- Sweater or fleece sweatshirt
- Hiking pants, maybe jeans

For the jungle:

- To cover your head (baseball cap, panama hat)
- Flashlight (preferably a headlamp)
- Bathing Suit
- Lightweight closed clothing
- Raincoat jacket
- Light covered shoes for the evening, sandals for the day
- Natural ointment-balm.

Individual first aid kit!
The number of participants in the retreat is 8 people

This is serious work. A quantum leap into self-knowledge.

Not a tourist format.

Are you ready for a total transformation?