— Retreat “Amazonian tea-drinking” . 9 days. Portugal.

Amazonian tea-drinking helps the person determine its own spiritual way, causes a strong willingness to improve oneself both mentally and physically. Shaman Ceremonies with the Herb will be a great emotional impulse for self-cognition and obtainment of new and perfect self. Our mentor, Ilya Satjay, will share with you his knowledge and experience, and as a result you will gain:

● recipes of a personal diet,
● passing through the healing by high efficiency ceremonies every day,
● regular counsels in team and individually.

Besides, you will get the manual for Autonomous life and “Life without food and water”.

You will push new boundaries in your life and have an exceptional opportunity to change everything you are not satisfied with and restore your physical and mental health.

Traditional Shaman Ceremonies may change person’s life who lost the reasons for being. Amazonian Herb heals mental traumas and relieve from the physical afflictions. Having gained this experience, you will be purged spiritually, obtain long-wished-for harmony, serenity and tolerance. Do not only Amazonian Herbs block the negative feelings, but also throw them out of your subconscious mind, help acquire the keys to healing on your own and find the strength to cope with the difficult circumstances. The Herb will help and support you if you are looking for resolution of the following situations:

  • Pursuance of self-enrichment, recovery and autonomy;
  • Searching the way out to get rid of the physical and mental afflictions;
  • Loved one passing;
  • Unhealthy affection to someone;
  • Stressed state and anxiety disorder on the constant basis;
  • Body intoxication;
  • Discovery of the life aspects which are in the dead or stagnation state

Amazonian tea-drinking flow process

The key difference of Ilya’s technique from other Masters is his intensity and flexibility during his work.

Frankly speaking, detox may be unpleasant but this process becomes much easier followed by Ilya Satjay’s assistance and support. The Herbs clear all gained toxins, blocks and intensities from the body making you free from emotional insults, stresses and emotional expressions.  

The process of detox, the upcoming results of removing all this stuff and changes that will happen in your life after you pass the ceremonies depend on strength of the Master.

Accommodation and ceremonies conduction terms

Arrival at the target location and departure may be 1-2 days earlier.
Accommodation in single/double rooms in the dedicated location.
2-time meals according to the Herbs diet
Amazonian Tea-drinking will be carried out once nightfall comes.
We prepare everything required for ceremonies on our own.


EUR 250 for 1 ceremony – under participation in 3 ceremonies

EUR 200 Евро for 1 ceremony – under participation in more than 3 ceremonies 

Participance requires a deposit amounted to EUR 500 to ensure booking.
The number of participants is 10 persons sharp.

The cost includes:

✔ transfer from the Lisbon airport to the retreat center. After the practices are finished transfer to the airport.

✔A ceremony with Herbs
✔ Techniques, satsanga from the mentor

Paid separately:
✔ flight
✔ meals and accommodation, EUR 40 per day

We ensure solid comfort and route, assistance, and anything you require to immerse yourselves in your internal processes and journey. 

It is not a touristic format. It is hard work. A quantum jump in self-cognition.

Essential to know:

Direct flights from Russia to Portugal will be resumed from June, 2021.
We help get visas and medical certificates for the flight.
All participants shall apply for the participation in advance. Thus, you will be able to fix the visas in-time.

We will be glad to welcome the guests with different experience and of different levels during our fascinating travel which will gift you mental and personal recovery.  

Additional information may be clarified via cell phone/whatsapp/telegram
+7(985) 148 14 94 , Russia
+351 910 250 201 , Portugal

What exactly is the “Amazonian tea-drinking”?

“Amazonian tea-drinking” is a healing mixture, the most ancient treatment well known by many generations of Amazonian local people. It also has a name of “Master Herb”, it makes us learn and it purifies us. It is the primer of alternative medicine of Peru and Amazonian peoples.
It is also called “La Purga” which means that it purifies the body on physical, spiritual and mental levels, disposes the problems gained over a number of years.  
Its effect as an effect of every other natural medicine depends on person’s intensions, purposes, consciousness and wishes.

It contains a psychoactive component, which is not a drug building up a tolerance and addiction. There are no any negative consequences for people’s health.
It is a healing drink which help your inner revival connecting you with the Other Side and expanding your consciousness.

Counterindication: Hypertensive diseases. Heart diseases. Psycheclampsia. Schizo-affective psychosis. Autogenous psychiatric conditions. Suicidal features.

Retreat “Amazonian tea-drinking” 9 days. Portugal
Dates: July 3 – July 12, 2021 
Venue: Portugal, Cascais city
Mentor: Ilya Satjay