understanding of yourself

— Getting on the way

Human development in this world can be compared with walking up the stairs or with climbing.

— Who am I?

In our fast-paced world, we so rarely find time for ourselves and our souls. Hence the stresses, illnesses and early exhaustion. But it’s never too late to start exploring inner world through various practices.

The development of an individual can be compared with climbing the steps of life. It all starts with a narrow, standard awareness of self. We are conditioned by limits set by kindergarden, then by education at school and university.ведение.


It all comes down to our focus on power, material goods, fame and glory,  completely forgetting the spiritual side.  As a result, a person receives only disappointments in life, instead of freedom and happiness.


— How to find yourself

In order not to bring yourself to depression tomorrow, you need to start asking yourself questions as early as possible: “Why was I created?”, “What is my purpose on this planet?”, “Who am I and what am I doing on earth? ”  This dialogue allows you to think about the meaning of life and takes a person one step higher above the current stage.

One of the highest manifestations of Ayurveda is the Ayurveda of power plants and healing plants. A person can use it to awaken and purify his body and soul.  Each plant is the energy of the creator, a gift from God. Recognizing this, with gratitude, acceptance and respect, a person can manifest his quantum leap of evolution.

ॐ Satyam Sivam Sundaram ॐ

May every living creature abide in Truth, Grace and Beauty

Follow the path of actions (karma marga) with harmony and charm to the sundaram (beauty).
Follow the path of devotion (bhakti-marga) with enthusiasm and joy to the sivas (grace).
Follow the path of wisdom (jnana-marga) with the directness and firmness of sathyam (truth).

The choice - does it exist or not?

It's an obvious question, but initially a person who lives in a limited world has no choice!  The awareness of this comes when we begin to resist the system.  And for everyone this happens at different times of life.  As soon as the goal is set and a plan to achieve is formed, a person goes one more step up to awareness and understanding.

Есть ли у нас выбор

Where to look for answers if they are not present around?

 Sometimes even exploring new areas, such as:

• art
• travel
• science

Do not help to reach harmony. Where should we go to get answers to our important questions ?

The chaotic search in books and Internet must be minimized or completely stopped. Typically, such a process will lead to a waste of money and disappointment.


The master will lead, suggest and show the necessary actions and tasks for personal awakening.  Ideally it should be a community of like-minded people, where they will practice together to awake and purify themselves for further  develooment.

The Master has combined the most effective practices for conscious liberation from the “matrix of this world”.


— Going your way

To explore this world and its entire depth, you need to find yourself. There is an inner light in each of us, you can feel and live it in the presence of an awakened master.  Through calmness and knowledge of himself a person feels a creative inner light - the life force that created the surrounding space (the universe). 

Usually, here transformation and awakening begins, but if you do it alone, you can encounter traps that impede change. An experienced Master helps to avoid and get around them.

Going his own way a person returns to his true self, free from conventions and frameworks.


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