— Retreat "Living presence and the Heart"

Dear friends! in June 2020 we will hold the next big retreat “Living presence and the Heart" at our new location in Portugal. This event is for those who are ready to meet with their true nature, ready to awaken awareness and to purify themselves.

The program includes satsang meetings with Ilya Satjay, ceremonies that purify the soul and the body, interaction with healing medicine plants, healing and awakening practices of the African tribe Bwiti. This is a meeting with the ocean and the Portuguese sun, sunsets and unity with nature.

In addition to the main retreat program, we will do practices  for body and mind  based on yoga, qigong, Cossack Spas and other traditions combined by the master for your integration on the path of awakening.

Awaken the body and soul  with the ancient Russian practice "Pravilo"
— We will refresh
the body and restart eating habits - a healthy diet will naturally stay with you, improving well-being and helping on your way to yourself.
Optional: 7 days of body cleansing: detox of the digestive system and liver, switching to a lighter plant based food. Raw foods, juices and herbs are preparing the person for ceremonies, renew the microflora, allowing you to maintain a clean body, mind and healthy eating habits and preferences further throughout life.

You will be saturated with the healing energy of Satya Sangha and come back home transformed, full of energy, with a new vision and joy of life.

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You can take part in all the program or in part by joining us at any moment that is convenient for you and for us.
— Retreat "Living presence and the Heart"
Date: June, 1 - June, 21 | 2020
Location: Portugal
Time: 19:00 - 19:00
Price :  donate