— “Healing by Mamita Medicine. 7 days in Portugal”

This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Ayahuasca for both beginners and experienced ones. Ceremony can change the life of a person who has lost its purpose. Ayahuasca heals mental trauma and cures physical ailments. Having received this experience, you will get cleansed spiritually, find the long-awaited harmony, calmness and patience. The Ayahuasca plant does not just block negative emotions, it completely removes them from the subconscious, helps to independently seek the keys to healing and figure out a way to realize difficult life situations. Ayahuasca will help you if you are looking for solutions to situations like:

● Pursuit for spiritual growth, awakening of self-sustainment

● Finding a way out of physical and spiritual ailments

● Loss of a loved one

● Harmful attachment to some person

● Complexity,

● Constant stress and anxiety

● Intoxication of the body

● Disclosure of aspects of life in a state of impasse or stagnation

Ayahuasca helps a person to define his spiritual path, arouses the desire to improve both mentally and physically. The Ayahuasca ceremony will become an emotional impetus for self-discovery and finding your new, perfect self-identification. Our masters will share their knowledge with you, as a result you will get:

- recipes for an individual diet,
- treatment with a powerful Ayahuasca ceremony every day
- ongoing counseling in a group or in person.

Besides, you will get the instructions for Autonomous Life and "Life Without Food and Water." You will open up new horizons in your life, you will get an exceptional opportunity to change everything that is not suitable for you and restore your physical and emotional health.

Contraindications: Hypertensive diseases. Heart diseases. Acute mental illness. Schizophrenia. Endogenous mental disorders. Signs of suicidal behavior.

Conditions: We provide complete comfort to make you immerse yourself in your internal processes. We prepare everything for the ceremonies on our own. We help in obtaining visas and medical report for departure. Check-in and check-out at the location is possible 1-2 days earlier / later.

Cost: 250 EUR for 1 ceremony - with the participation of 3 ceremonies 200 EUR for 1 ceremony - with the participation of more than 3 ceremonies A deposit of 200 EUR is required for participation to secure the reservation.

Food and accommodation are paid separately: 40 euros per day * * cost may vary slightly depending on the selected location. For participants from the Russian Federation, a work visa is paid separately - 40.900 rubles. and med.certificate for entry to the European Union - 250 Euro.

Important to know: All participants must submit an application for participation at least 1 month in advance (before March 1), so that we can help you with obtaining a work visa and med. certificate.

For participants from Belarus, it is possible to obtain a visa on condition that there is an annual registration in the Russian Federation, or we can help with the registration, the cost of it is 3000 rubles.

For participants from Ukraine, a document is required to obtain a visa: a patent, a residence permit or a permanent document permitting residence in the Russian Federation.

The ceremony is attended exclusively by up to 15 people.

We are looking forward to welcoming guests of all experience and level on our exciting journey of spiritual and personal awakening. For more information contact by call or whatsapp.

— Healing by Mamita Medicine. 7 days in Portugal”
Time: 20 - 27 March
Location: Portugal, Cascais
Price: 250